David Antoniuk

Co-creator and the project's creative / technical director, David's job is twofold: collecting the visual and audio materials that provide a framework for cross-cultural learning, and processing and programming the results into a user-friendly interactive program.

My involvement:

While the other team members are developing the pedagogy of Auf geht's! and Weiter geht's!, my experience in CD-ROM creation & production brings different skills to the project. I started Live Oak Multimedia in 1993, and our first CD-ROM was called 4 Paws of Crab - this labor of love was an early attempt to explore cross-cultural interactive media. My eclectic background – an MBA and MA in Int'l Relations from U.C. Berkeley, 15 years of business and software management experience, and twenty-five years of active photography - provides a unique multidisciplinary approach for harnessing New Media's power.

When Lee and I first discussed multimedia and language learning, I was fascinated by the project – the intersection of pedagogy, technology, and the visual arts has always been a passion of mine. And having logged over 100,000 km of driving in Germany during my ten-plus years of project photography, I now have more than a passing interest in German culture and want to pass that experience on to the first-year students.