Weiter geht’s! 3.5 (Mac OS X) Download

This page has instructions on how to download, install and run your Weiter geht’s! software for windows that accompanies your Weiter geht’s! text. The process consists of several steps:

1. Click the Weiter geht’s! (Mac OS X) download button below to go to the store. Order a copy of the Weiter geht’s! interactive download, and enter your coupon code that you got with your book, which will give you a 100% discount.

2. Click on the download link either from the webpage or your confirmation email to download the installer. The link will expire within a few days so make sure to do this soon after getting your link.

3. Double-click on the weitergehts_2016.dmg file you downloaded to create a disk image. Inside the disk image folder, right-click on the weitergehts_2016.pkg file and select Open to run the installer. This will place a copy of the Weiter geht’s! folder in your applications folder. Note: you can’t run the installer by double-clicking in most security settings on Mac OS X.

4. After installation is complete, you can run Weiter geht’s!  by double-clicking on the Weiter geht’s! app located in the Weiter geht’s! 3.5 folder in your applications file. We recommend dragging the app to your dock in order to create an alias to the app file.

For detailed instructions, click here.

IMPORTANT: If you are not accustomed to downloading software, please read the instructions carefully and/or watch the video at the bottom of this page! If you run into any issues either during download, installation or running Weiter geht’s!, please check out our  Frequently Asked Questions.

Video – download and installing WG

For a complete video walk-through of the process, watch this video below. Note: the video shows the instructions for Ritmos, but Weiter geht’s! works exactly the same way.